Number of Migrants Arrivals to Una Sana Canton decreased due to Floods

Due to the problem with railway traffic caused by flooding, the train does not drive the last three days to Una-Sana Canton (USK) area and this has led to a less number in migrants arrivals in this area, Klix.ba news portal reports.

According to police reports, given the usual daily migration inflow recorded in April, of 120 people, there is already 400 migrants less in the past three days.

According to Bosnia’s security agencies, more than 6,000 illegal migrants have entered the country so far this year, which is twice as much compared to the same period last year.

There are only two inspectors working with migrants in Una-Sana Canton and state and entity authorities have not taken any responsibility, and it turns out that the state simply does not have any strategy to manage the migrant crisis, Mustafa Ruznic said.

He added that at this pace, Bosnia and the entire region will need to deal with the problem of illegal migrants in these numbers for the next ten years, and that it is necessary as soon as possible to undertake measures to control that problem.

The Una-Sana Canton’s minister of health, Nermina Ćemalović, warned that the health system in the canton is under huge pressure and that the hygienic-epidemiological situation “is out of control.”

During 2018, more than 30,000 migrants were treated which cost the canton’s health budget more than 2 million euro.

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