Number of infected People in Bosnia and Herzegovina climbs to 764!


The Una-Sana Canton Ministry of Health Crisis Staff (USK) has confirmed that four more people from Cazin are coronavirus positive, KLix.ba news portal reports.

At the same time, 56 samples were tested at the Mostar University Clinical Hospital, of which seven were positive, four infected persons are from Mostar, 2 from Čitluk and one from Jablanica, the Herzegovina Neretva Canton Civil Protection Staff confirmed.

Currently, 34 people are infected in the Una-Sana Canton, while two patients from Bihac have been recovered. In this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, five deaths are associated with COVID-19.

Seven patients were hospitalized at the Dr. Irfan Ljubijankic Cantonal Hospital, and one person was admitted to the Department of Infectious Diseases under suspicion yesterday.

The number of infected people in our country is now 764, Banja Luka – 218, Čitluk – 45, Tuzla – 45, Mostar – 41, Sarajevo – 28, Konjic – 28, Laktaši – 26, Široki Brijeg – 25, Cazin – 19, Bihac – 19 etc.

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