Nudzejma Softic from BiH to be the First Woman with Hijab participating in the Ironman Triathlon

September 25, 2016 9:00 AM

nudzejmaThe only certified triathlon in the world, the Ironman Triathlon, positively answered on the request of Nudzejma Softic from BiH to, as a girl with a hijab, takes part in the race in August 2017 for the first time.

Nudzejma started running when she enrolled in Klix running school, and after six months she ran her first half marathon.

After the first one, more half-marathons followed, and a after the race in Ljubljana, Nudzejma decided to try out the real marathon, which she successfully ran in Vienna and became the first woman with hijab who did it.

She found out about Ironman after her coach Tomislav Cvitusic became Ironman and two of her friends participated on Half Ironman, and she followed and supported them.

She managed to see the Ironman as something that she could try out, however, aware of their proposition and strict rules, she contacted the administration and consulted on participation. She wrote that she would like to participate and that she is ready to make certain changes in her look.

Triathlon involves running, cycling and swimming, and as she already practiced two of the three disciplines, she decided to start with the training of swimming. She made a decision to put the participation in the Ironman Triathlon next year as her goal.

“I asked if I could participate, because I knew that no women wearing the hijab participated in this triathlon before. They decided to consider my request and they called me after five to six days with a positive response and wished me best of luck,” said Nudzejma.

Management of Ironman approved her participation, provided that the material of clothes in which she will compete have to be identical to the material of other competitors. She will be the first woman with a hijab who will compete in the Ironman Triathlon.

“I am moving the borders and I advise everyone to do it. I’m glad to inspire young women, not only the ones wearing hijab, but young women in general. Some of them find motivation to go further. Everything can be done if you want it,” she said, adding that one must have a little foolishness, but it is absolutely worth it when you see how many people have done something good for her.

She said that she is often contacted by young people from BiH and abroad who have started to deal with running and other sports thanks to her and that it is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

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