Novi Pazar thanked Doctors from Sarajevo and Tuzla for their Help during Pandemic


A photo of a banner from Novi Pazar, a city in Serbia, with the words “Thank you Sarajevo and Tuzla” appeared on social networks. This banner refers to doctors from Tuzla and Sarajevo who went to Novi Pazar to help colleagues and the people of Novi Pazar, when this city was severely affected by the coronavirus.

On July 6, the Republic of Serbia decided to give consent for the arrival of doctors from BiH, who offered help to Novi Pazar, where the situation regarding the coronavirus is very difficult, Avaz news portal reports.

The epidemiological situation in Novi Pazar is incomparably more difficult than in BiH. In Novi Pazar, objectively, there are many more people infected with COVID-19 than in BiH, with a very difficult clinical picture.


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