Norway to further intensify Help to the Western Balkan Countries

March 10, 2018 9:30 AM

The Government of Norway is planning to intensify its assistance to the Western Balkan countries and to be more present in the region.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway announced a public call for projects within its donor program for the Western Balkan countries. The main aim of Norwegian development assistance is stabilization and improvement of our legal system and stability of the region.

There are four priorities for the Western Balkan countries. They refer to closer regional work, including countries that already became members of the EU, the implementation of the legal system, the socio-economic development through economic growth and competitiveness, the increase of capacities in the field of environment / climate / energy with a special emphasis on social and economic well-being of national minorities, and good management through the assistance and development of the rule of law, reforms of the field of defense, civil society and the media, the fight against organized crime and corruption.

They will offer special support to women, children, young people and national minorities. Applicants in BiH can be public institutions, non-governmental organizations and international non-governmental organizations.

Ambassador of BiH to Norway Nedim Makarevic stated that priorities in BiH are projects that are related to peace and reconciliation, the economic growth, innovations and opening of workplaces, strengthening the legal system through further strengthening of capacities of courts, prisons as well as the fight against organized crime and corruption. He noted that a total of 60 million NOK is planned for projects in BiH.

It was noted that the deadline for submission of applications is April 17, and the budget of specific projects is not strictly defined and that for all additional information and project applications you can contact them at

From the Embassy of Norway in BiH was noted that this country will double its assistance to the Western Balkans very soon (from 175 million NOK in 2017 to 319 million NOK in 2018), and Norwegian funds from this public call will be available for following countries: Albania, BiH, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

(Source: FENA)





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