No Winners in Match of Women’s Cadet Teams of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia


The women’s U-17 national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina today played tie 1:1 with Serbia in a friendly match played in Zenica.

There weren’t many opportunities to score in the first half. Both teams had several attempts from distance, which were not a serious threat to goalkeepers Anamarija Prljević and Jefimija Škandro.

The beginning of the second period of the game brought more offensive play to the visitors. First, Nina Matejić missed a great opportunity, and in the 55th minute, Mina Čavić did her best in the penalty area of the BH team and scored for 0:1.

Five minutes later, the chosen ones of Ilija Lucić made a tie. After a corner kick from the left side, the ball went to Ajla Balić who sent the ball with a low kick into the net from the five-meter area.

By the end of the match there were no more opportunities.

Head coach Ilija Lucić said after the match:

“I congratulate both teams on fair and correct game. We fixed some things compared to the first match. We played well against a quality opponent. I wish the Serbian team once again good luck in the elite qualifying round of European Championship.”

The first match of these teams, which was played two days ago, also ended with a draw 2:2.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Serbia 1:1 (0:0)

FF BH Training Centre, Zenica

Referee: Merima Čelik

Assistant Referees: Merima Homarac, Aida Jusufović

Goals: 0:1 M. Čavić (55th), 1:1 Balić (60th minute)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Anamarija Prljević, Ajla Balić, Rajna Tešić, Jelena Pavlinović, Marija Ana Milinković, Emma Kos, Maja Jelčić, Tamara Blagojević, Janica Filipović, Gloria Slišković, Anja Gačić. Also played: Berina Huseinović, Džejla Kožljak, Lamija Duvnjak, Ana Buhač, Enna Luković, Đurđica Živković, Helena Jovanović. Head Coach: Ilija Lucić

Serbia: Jefimija Škandro, Emilija Kucinar, Milica Beronja, Nina Čavić, Milica Stojić, Mina Čavić, Sofija Sremčević, Milica Andrić, Tijana Žarković, Maša Milošević, Natalija Obradović. Also played: Jana Stevanović, Nina Matejić, Marija Rajić, Jovana Marjanović, Staša Đokić, Anja Jestrović, Isabella Vera Grujić. Head Coach: Dragiša Zečević


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