No open Issues between BiH, Italy and Bulgaria

57cd5d86-4578-4ac6-9ca5-1ecc0a0a0a64-zvizdic-718x446Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic met with the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in BiH Nicola Minasi and the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria in BiH Augustine Tzvetkov Karabashev, and introduced them on the current economic and political situation in BiH, and they confirmed that there are no open issues between BiH, Italy, and Bulgaria and that there is space for further improvement of bilateral relations at all levels.

In separate meetings, ambassadors noted that Italy and Bulgaria strongly support the path of BiH towards the European Union. They expressed their willingness to use good relations between the countries for specific economic projects, in order for trade between these countries to be on a much higher level.

“BiH and Italy have developed economic cooperation. One of the most important foreign trade partners of BiH is Italy. When it comes to the total foreign trade exchange, Italy is in the second place,” noted Chairman Zvizdic during the meeting with Ambassador Minasi.

At the meeting with the Ambassador of Bulgaria, Zvizdic talked about the possibilities of improving cooperation between BiH and Bulgaria. They both expressed the desire for improvement of overall bilateral relations through continued work on expanding cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, education, as well as encouragement of direct contacts between citizens of these two countries.

Zvizdic noted that the most important foreign policy priority and strategic objective of BiH is EU membership and that the perspective of the membership in the EU will continue to be the driving force for positive democratic, political, economic and social changes in BiH.

He further noted that BiH is committed to preserving the positive momentum of the process of reforms and obtaining the candidate status by the end of 2017, as announced by the Council of Ministers of BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)


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