No Man’s Land near Tomislavgrad!

October 8, 2016 5:00 PM

sa-kazandzija-ljs-20161003-161908878-still016With the opening of the new border crossing, residents in Prisika near Tomislavgrad will find themselves on no man’s land between two border crossings – the old one which will be under supervision of BiH authorities and the new one on the Croatian side. The country paid attention to the border, but it seems like they did not pay attention to people.

They went to sleep in Croatia and woke up in BiH. This is a brief description of the fate of Marko and 50 other locals in the settlement Prisika, who found themselves in an interspace after the border was moved.

Precisely in this interspace the locals of Prisika were left, together with all their problems that emerged after the construction of the border crossing which has been moved for nearly one kilometer from the existing border crossing Aržano. Their properties are at the reach of a hand, but they cannot get there.

“This is a very frequent border crossing and sometimes you have to wait for three hours to cross it. We cannot go to Aržano to see a doctor, to buy groceries or to visit a church. In case of any kind of need, we must walk three kilometers,” Marko Brekalo, a resident in Prisika, complains.

For decades, these residents belonged to the Municipality Cista Provo, at the Aržano address. However, the land they live on is registered in cadastral books of the Tomislavgrad Municipality, and now they are left with no addresses and house numbers.

“That means we cannot register anywhere, because everyone is registered in Aržano, Split or Zagreb,” Brekalo added.

Now these locals do not know where they are or whom they belong to. However, their greatest concern is how to reach a health center.

Property that belongs to these locals is now across the border and thus they are unable to pick up everything that is on the other side of the border. Locals see the solution in the construction of a third lane.

“We want them to give us some kind of a third lane on the border so that we can communicate freely with Croatia because we belong to Croatia, we are Croatian taxpayers and we have Croatian documents,” Brekalo said.

Border crossing is almost completed and will be opened soon. Locals of Prisika remain cut off, so far without any solution for their problems.



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