There is no increase in Gas Prices for this Heating Season

January 4, 2018 2:45 PM

Nermin Dzindic, Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry in the Federation Government, said in an interview for “Avaz” that during this heating season there will be no increase in gas prices for consumers in the Federation, because he will not sign such a decision.

The minister explained that the price increase would not be allowed, despite the spectacular announcements of individuals, because there is no economic justification for that.

“I can promise there is no increase in gas prices for this heating season, despite the certain announcements. I will not allow anyone to ask more money from the citizens in the middle of the season,” says Dzindic.

He claimed that he had nothing to do with statements of gas officials, suggesting such a scenario.

“I also did not have anything to do with giving the significance to certain individuals, who fall into the managerial management of the economy, whose normal functioning is ensured exclusively by the Government and the Resource ministry,” said Dzindic.

He believes all the parameters have shown that requests from “BH-Gas” to increase the price of gas are unjustified. Especially since the price of transporting this energy from Serbia remained the same.

“There is no reason for gas price to be higher, because the purchase price of “Gazprom” is the same. Also there is no increase in the cost of transport from Ukraine, Hungary and Serbia. There is no reason for “BH-Gas” to ask for it from the Government, especially when gas consumption is the highest at the moment,” says Dzindic.





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