Nineteenth Anniversary of Brcko District Police marked

Supervisor Scanlan Attends Academy on 19th Anniversary of Brcko District Police

Brcko District Supervisor and Principal Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan concluded a two-day visit to the District, which included his participation in the celebration dedicated to the 19th Anniversary of the Brcko District Police.

Supervisor Scanlan commended the District Police force for its service to the community, its professional, and its exemplary coordination with other police forces across administrative boundary lines and international borders to ensure effective policing.

During the visit to the District, Supervisor Scanlan also met with representatives of national minorities to discuss the status in Brcko of the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities ratified by BiH in 2000. “Actively supporting the community’s national minorities is not only an act of good will by the District authorities but also mandated by the Convention”, said Supervisor Scanlan.

In meeting religious leaders to discuss the crises of the outflow of young people from the District, Supervisor Scanlan on this visit met with the Head Priest of the Serb Orthodox Church in Brcko, Dragan Cirkovic. In his speech earlier that day, the Supervisor cited the outflow as a priority challenge for the District that needs to be addressed urgently.

As a part of his ongoing dialogue regarding the rapid return this year to a reform agenda in the Brcko District, Supervisor Scanlan met with District Mayor Sinisa Milic and Assembly Speaker Esed Kadric, and their Deputies Anto Domic and Ivo Filipovic.

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