Nine Egyptian Nationals expelled from Bosnia-Herzegovina


After the implementation of measures and actions under its jurisdiction, Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Service for Foreigner Affairs has expelled nine Egyptian nationals from the territory of Bosnia-Herzegovina on Tuesday.

The aforementioned persons were illegally staying on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in this regard, the Service has taken the necessary measures and actions and imposed a measure of expulsion and surveillance in the Immigration Center.

“Given that they are persons who did not possess identification documents, the BiH Foreign Affairs Office, in cooperation with the Embassy of Egypt in Sarajevo, established the identity of the aforementioned persons within a very short period of time, and the Embassy of Egypt in Sarajevo provided travelers with travel documents, papers for the purpose of their removal from the territory of Bosnia- Herzegovina,” was stated from the Service.

During the procedure, the persons expressed their desire to return to their country of origin and the procedure for their removal was carried out.

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