Niksic: Conversations about the Merger of the Left are going in the Right Direction

October 28, 2016 10:15 AM

niksicPresident of the Social Democratic Party of BiH (SDP BiH), Nermin Niksic said that coalition is possible with the Democratic Front (DF), the Our party (NS) and the Civil Alliance (GS), only if all sides show good will for cooperation.

Niksic met with representatives of the above mentioned parties a few days ago in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, and the topic of conversation was Niksic’s recent call to leaders to try to agree on common candidates for mayors in the upcoming general elections in BiH.

“The talks are going in the right direction, and we also discussed cooperation in general and city councils, as well as possible cooperation at a higher level, that is, in the Cantonal and the Parliamentary Assembly, and I have to say that the SDP is intensively preparing for the elections in 2018,” said Niksic, adding that the coalition with the Our Party, DF and the Civil Alliance will happen only if there are common goals.

President of the SDP BiH said that for everything must exist a joint project and desire.

“We do not have to be linked into a unique political subject, but we have to discuss a common political block. We need to accept what citizens told us at the last local elections. There are places where we expected more, although we are not surprised by current result. We achieved some election goals when it comes to mayoral positions, but we could do more,” said Niksic.

He mentioned his recent meeting with the leader of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB BiH) Fahrudin Radoncic and said that they discussed the political situation in BiH and the view of the opposition and part of the authorities in the country.

“SBB will never be for decisions that mean the division of BiH, and the SDP agrees with that. We need to address the abuses of the electoral process, which should be the will of the voters, and not those on the other side of the authorities,” said Niksic.

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