New Year Celebration will be amazing in Sarajevo!

b_161112017The City of Sarajevo decided to organize the celebration of New Year 2017 on a high level with contents that Sarajevo, as the capital of BiH, deserves. “We are negotiating actively about the organization of New Year celebration. It is true that we are talking with Dino Merlin and his managements and those negotiations have been ongoing for a while,” confirmed the Deputy Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka.

Skaka emphasized that final information and all details about the organization will be presented at a press conference tomorrow in the City Hall.

“What is certain is that together with the Government of the Sarajevo Canton , which is the partner in this event, we wanted to improve the quality of the organization itself, to attract a lot of tourists, to make Sarajevo a regional center, to restore its old glory, and out assessment was that the best way to do it is with Dino Merlin,” said Skaka.

Skaka denied the allegations how Dino Merlin and his team will be paid 500.000 BAM for this event.

Speaking of the exact location of the event, Skaka said that there are six or seven locations that management of Dino Merlin is considering.

“We will have that final information on Friday,” said Skaka.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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