New Theatrical Premiere of Dino Mustafić in Belgrade

March 8, 2014 1:45 PM

mali-mi-je-ovaj-grobThe premiere of the play “Mali mi je ovaj grob”, based on the text of Biljana Srbljanović, directed by B&H Director Dino Mustafić will be shown on Wednesday, 12 March, at Bitef theater in Belgrade. 5 production houses from Serbia, B&H and Croatia – Hartefakt fond, Bitef Teatar, Chamber Theater 55, Theater Ulysses and Testament films have participated in this regional cooperation.

“This play speaks about the suffering of the revolutionaries and the kidnapping of their noble ideas in the darkest ‘black hand’ purposes. It is my participation in young B&H rebellion movement against the muzzle imposed , and which we do not even know that we carry on. It is my secret society and movement. It is my shield of a stray third bullet, that never fired in Sarajevo, but which still strays in the Balkans preying for its last victim”, said Biljana Srbljanović.

According to the Director Dino Mustafić, the history and destiny are relentless for the Balkan people, because they connect us with graves and memories, constantly lead us to the national duty. However, as he point out, art is not interested in the history, but in the human destiny, fears and hopes, like young B&H, who are not reconciled with the present world, they wanted to change it, they dreamed of the freedom of South Slavs.


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