New Success of BH Innovators in Exhibitions in Skopje and Zagreb

medalsFor more than two decades of active presence on the international innovation exhibitions, members of the Association of Inventors of BiH (AIBiH) on Saturday received awards at three exhibitions on the 37th International Exhibition of Inventions, technical improvements, new products and creativity of youth Makinova in Skopje, where at the same time was held the 14th International Exhibition of Inventions in the field of environment Ekonova and the 14th International Exhibition of Inventions Arca in Zagreb.

Dr. Sc. Fikret Aklic, associate professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Tuzla, achieved the greatest success, and his innovation “self-adaptive heat sources” won gold medals in Skopje and Zagreb.

These are thermal elements that individually adjust according to the spatial, temporal, and temperature need for warming.

Zivko Gelic from Kotor Varos received gold medal in Zagreb for the innovation that he called “Pyramid gardens”.

Although he won the gold medal on Ekonova, Josip Lastro from Busovaca can be placed on the third place, because he received “only” bronze medal in Zagreb.

He managed to develop and check device for picking berries – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry etc.

Mato Bilic from Zenica won the silver medal in “Makinova” and the bronze medal in Zagreb, for the hook on which the spines are only placed in the inner part of the hook (“the letter J”), so that there is less damage on fish when they pull the hook out of the mouth.

Jelenko Markovic from Teslic received a silver medal in Zagreb for a stand for the hive, which prevents vermin (e.g., ants, mice and other insects and rodents) from entering the hive.

Abdulah Smajlovic from Srebrenik won a bronze medal at Ekonova as well.


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