New Reception Centre for Migrants to be opened near Sarajevo?


The Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina said that the solution for migrants and refugees in the Una-Sana Canton is the construction of a reception center at the new location.

They claim that they have been asking local authorities for a long time to provide an adequate location for a new reception center in the area of ​​this canton. They recalled that the European Union had deemed the proposed sites unacceptable so far and that they refused to fund them.

The reasons for this are the conditions on the ground and that they are privately owned, the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina said.

“We continue to expect that an adequate location will be offered as soon as possible, after which the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina with partner organizations will carry out the necessary coordination and provide accommodation in the new reception center for persons who are at the Vucjak camp, as well as for all newly arrived migrants. to this area,” they emphasized. They also claim that before the start of the winter, another reception center is planned to be built around Sarajevo in order to relieve the Una-Sana Canton from the pressure of migrants and refugees.

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