New Investments: Azerbaijan is investing in a Factory in Doboj?

July 28, 2017 3:15 PM

Bakir Izetbegovic, member of Presidency, today talked with Obren Petrovic, the mayor of Doboj, about coexistence and the economic situation in that city, as well as the economic development that is necessary to prevent emigration from that area.

“Petrovic is a good mayor, who doesn’t divide people by their name or religion. Instead, he tries to be a good mayor for everyone. From that viewpoint, I think he deserves praise and he will have our support, the kind that he had when the floods hit BiH, especially Doboj,” Izetbegovic told reporters.

He confirmed that efforts are being conducted to attract investment to that city.

“We discussed an investment from Azerbaijan, which is already late bur will soon be in the last phases of equipment purchases and I think that in eight to nine months we’ll have a working factory with at least 300 employees and which will also stimulate around 3,000 more which will be producing raw goods,” Izetbegovic emphasized.

That is, he says, a serious project but there are delays with permits that are issued in Banja Luka. Besides that, he added, no efforts are being spared to do everything possible to open that factory of fruits and vegetables next year.

“There were unnecessary straining and tightening. Miloroad Dodik had a negative stance regarding that investment from the beginning, even though it’s providing for thousands of people’s existence. I’m appalled by such a stance. We all should help people get bread and butter in here in BiH, not out of BiH,” the leader of SDA said.



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