New Increase of Prices after the New Year in Bosnia

Despite the difficult economic situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the prices of certain foods have increased in recent months, according to consumer associations.

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina pay 10 percent more for flour and oil than a few months earlier. The price increases are not over, so another price increase of flour is possible at the beginning of next year, Biznis Info writes.

The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic, have not been spared food prices.

Flour and oil prices rose ten percent in late November, and consumer associations say they have a number of objections.

According to the data of the Federation of Trade Unions of Republika Srpska, the trade union consumer basket for October 2020 cost 1,951 BAM.

Families in Republika Srpska entity spent the most money on food procurement – 727.9 BAM, on housing and communal services – 591.5 BAM, and on current household maintenance – 105.4 BAM, according to the union.

And how will the citizens cope with the new blow to the household budget?

Institutions, as unions point out, should react. Small or so-called. “Silent price increases” of 10 to 20 pfennigs per item are difficult to follow and were previously almost imperceptible. However, during the time of coronavirus, they are very much felt, especially by those who have an average or minimum income. For them, even a small price increase means giving up certain products.

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