New Illumination on the Day when the City Hall was set on Fire 27 Years Ago

On the day of the 27th anniversary of the City Hall was set on fire, a new illumination of the building was presented, which would further add to its beauty.

Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka said he thought it was not possible to make the City Hall more beautiful than it is.

“Our special desire was to present this project on a day of remembrance when criminals wanted to destroy our history and our identity,” Skaka said.

The illuminations project is the work of the best BiH experts Srdja Hrisafovic and Jasmina Memic, and the illumination is done with maximum effect but in accordance with energy efficiency.

The construction of the City Hall began in 1891 and was officially opened on April 20, 1896. Immediately after the end of the war, the reconstruction of the destroyed and burned City Hall began.

The renovated City Hall was reopened on May 9th, 2014, on the Day of Victory over Fascism, and has since been a must-see in tourist visits to Sarajevo.

(Photo by Yunus Demirbas)

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