New housing units for the Roma population

Minister for Human Rights and Refugees Damir Ljubic and representatives of 23 partners in the project “Housing for Roma” have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of this project worth 2,150,000 BAM.

Representatives of municipalities and non-governmental organizations in BiH, as those who will implement the project, signed an agreement on transfer of funds.

Ljubic recalled that the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees has invested about 14 million BAM in the period 2009-2012 to help Roma population, 10 million for housing, 2 million for education and 2 million for health insurance.

He added that next year, the European Commission will give 5 million BAM for housing, job-creation, and health insurance for the Roma population.

”Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees for the same purpose gave around 3 million BAM from the budget”, said Ljubić

Ljubić noted that in the last period 400 housing units were built for the Roma population.

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