New Government Regulation: Who can get Hot Meal in Soup Kitchens of Canton Sarajevo?

March 9, 2017 9:30 AM

soup-kitchenThe Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Displaced Persons and Refugees of Canton Sarajevo proposed, and the Government of Canton Sarajevo adopted a new Regulation on the recognition of rights on hot meals in soup kitchens.

For a hot meal is considered a meal of cooked food per user that is prepared in the soup kitchen, in accordance with the norms of groceries for one meal, which was determined by the competent ministry. Hot meals are not prepared on weekends, national and religious holidays, and in those days the users will get dry food, as announced by the Government of CS.

Users of hot meals are households with one member whose total income does not exceed 70 BAM per month; multi-member family households whose total income per household member does not exceed 80 BAM per month, two-member households of pensioners whose total income does not exceed the amount of the pension increased by 10 %, households in which one or more members are disabled persons and persons with permanent disabilities in physical and/or mental development, and whose total income per member does not exceed 100 BAM per month.

The beneficiaries of this right cannot be one-person households nor families that lease their housing units, garages or other spaces or if one of the family members is the owner of a company, retail shop or performing a registered supplementary activity. Also, none of the family members can not be the owner or user of a motor vehicle, with the exception of disabled persons who are exempted from customs duty when importing their passenger cars, and which serve them as a prosthetic mean.

There are couple of Soup kitchens in function in Canton Sarajevo: Central soup kitchen – Red Cross of Canton Sarajevo, Soup kitchen “Merhamet”, Community Kitchen “Bread of St. Anthony”, Soup kitchen “Stari Grad” Sarajevo, Community kitchen “Jelo na kotacima (Meals on wheels)” – Caritas of the Vrhbosna Archdiocese and Soup kitchen “Dobrotvor”, with its checkpoints.

In municipalities where there is no checkpoint for the distribution of hot meals or users are too far away or physically unable to get to the checkpoint or not able to eat a hot meal due to health reasons  – instead of hot meals they alternatively may receive a package of food products periodically throughout the year.



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