New Flight from Banja Luka Airport announced?

September 17, 2017 3:15 PM

Banja Luka Airport will, according to the management, towards the end of the year establish an airline towards the north and the south of the region, namely Gothenburg and Podgorica.

The minister of traffic and connections of Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two entities in BiH, Nedo Trninic and the director of Banja Luka Airport Miroslav Janjic announced the introduction of a new flight which will go stop in Banja Luka Airport.

“The first Gothenburg-Banja Luka-Podgorica flight is planned for December 22nd. It will be once a week and we’ll see how that’s going. We’re hoping it’ll be good. We plan on increasing it to twice a week,” Trninic said, according to ATV.

However, the question of which airline will be flying is still unknown. Neither the director nor the minister revealed that. They, however, did say that the system for “booking” tickets is in the testing phase.

“It’s about a tour operator from Stockholm. They’re ready and already have an operation with Swedish airlines which has an AOSi, that is they can fly,” Janjic said.

Until the arrival of the new airline, the construction of the cargo center should be nearing end. An inspection stopped them in the middle of August because the contractor wasn’t constructing according to plan, so even the minister that came couldn’t get past the fence.

“We have a small problem with delays with the contractor and the oversight organs. We changed the oversight organ that wasn’t doing its job and now the construction is continuing. That’s about a 10-15 day delay,” Trninic said, according to AFT.







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