A new Exhibit – a Cloak of a Bosnian Nobleman, will be exposed near Haggadah

January 7, 2018 4:45 PM

In the newly renovated area of ​​the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), where will be exposed the priceless Haggadah, another exhibit will be displayed – a cloak of Mirko Radojevic, father of the great Bosnian prince Batic, was confirmed for BiH Radio Television (BHRT) from the National Museum.

Along with the cloak of King Tvrtko I and two original  charters which were exposed so far, the cloak that was found in the medieval necropolis of Koposici in the municipality of Ilijas will be exposed.

The cloak was found on June 22nd  2015, and the DNA analysis confirmed that Mirko Radojevic, the father of the great Bosnian prince Batic, whose stecak (specific Bosnian tomb) at Koposici is one of the most beautiful in the group of more than 60.000 stecak.

The only textile conservator in BiH, Azra Becević – Sarenkapa, told for BHRT that she considered it important to expose the cloak with the largest number of found fragments from the medieval period of the Bosnian state.

“When it comes to this cloak, we would like to emphasize that we have succeeded to find the largest number of textile fragments in the country that have been saved and what I, hopefully, succeeded, that the audience will be able to see, that I set them in the way they stood at the original fabric. Of course, because of the space we had in the showcase, it was not possible to finish a complete reconstruction, but all the fragments were set in the original place, all the fragments were saved and can be restored to make a real reconstruction in order to get a complete insight into the overall image of the cloak, “ said Becevic – Sarenkapa.

In the National Museum of BiH, Azra Becevic – Sarenkapa worked on the process of cleansing the cloak’s fragments from the ground, correcting and washing, and the whole process lasted for a year.


(Source: Fokus.ba)


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