New Equipment for the Healthcare Institutions in Una-Sana Canton

March 21, 2015 7:30 PM

Bihac hospitalNew equipment has arrived into the Cantonal Hospital „Dr. Irfan Ljubijankić “in Bihać, which has been purchased by the credit fund of Austria.

It is all about the realization of the third and fourth phase of the project which includes the delivery of contemporary appliances in the Cantonal Hospital Bihać, General Hospital in Sanski Most and the health resort Gata.

The Minister of Health and Social Policy Ibrahim Kajtaz said that this is valuable and contemporary equipment. Moreover, the EEG machine, used for electroencephalographic recording of the brain activity, has arrived to the general hospital in Bihać and the EMNG machine, used for diagnostics of inherited and acquired muscle illnesses and the symmetrical damages of peripheral nerves arrived at the health resort Gata.

„We expect the fifth stage to be realized in fifteen days and it includes the delivery of CT and ultrasound machines”, said Dr. Kajtazović.

The Acting Director of Cantonal Hospital, Smail Dervišević, highlights that the Central Healthcare institution as of today is richer by 2 laparoscopic instruments for surgery, ophthalmic laser, new instruments for otorhinolaryngology and urology and digital mammography device.

Minister Kajtazović and director Dervišević said that the new hardware and software equipment had arrived and is going to be used for connecting Cantonal hospital and health centers in municipalities, therefore healthcare institutions in this canton are going to be equipped for telemedicine system that is transfer of medical information remotely for the purpose of diagnostics, consulting, education and joint research. Telemedicine can be of great help to the doctors but to patients as well as they will not need to travel for diagnostics anymore, as announced by Press Services of the Government of Una-Sana Canton.



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