New Destinations and Investments on Tuzla Airport

Air Line Tuzla - Vienna Soon bportal.baInternational airport Tuzla finished the last year with the record number of passengers, characterizing it as the most successful so far. In March will fly the new Airbus with 180 passenger seats and the investment will cost 98 million BAM.

In the last year, Tuzla airport serviced more than 311,000 passengers who traveled on 12 European destinations. Currently, it employs 148 mainly young people.

“Passengers come from all sides – BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia. I have seen all the passports of South Eastern Europe and even Eastern Europe,” revealed Aleksandar Stankovic, Customer Service Agents passengers.

Conceptual design for the expansion and reconstruction of the terminal is ready and it will cost five million BAM. Half of the funds will be the credit taken by the airport, and half will be taken from budgets of the cantonal and federal government.

“In the eyes of the Federal Government and the Government of TC, Tuzla international Airport is infrastructural part of BiH and we expect some benefits in order for these funds to be financed in the capital assets at the Tuzla International Airport,” said Rifat Karasalihović, director of the International Airport Tuzla.

From Tuzla, one can fly to 12 destinations: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and England. From March this year, passengers will be offered to travel to Cologne, Bratislava, Nuremberg and Friedrichshafen. New destinations will open new workplaces for residents of BiH as well.

“I can say that I am pretty much satisfied with the work that is done at the airport, I constantly get positive comments from the passengers. We can do better in next years for sure”, added Stankovic.

(Source: N1/ Natasa Tadic)



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