New Decree of Tuzla Plenum: Demands Sent to Tuzla Canton Assembly Have 72 Hours Must be Fulfilled in 72 Hours

February 13, 2014 1:51 PM

plenumThe Plenum of citizens of Tuzla Canton was held on Wednesday in the National Theatre Tuzla. This was the sixth meeting, where around 300 citizens discussed the demands to be sent to the Assembly of Tuzla Canton.

Citizens unanimously expressed the view that all current requirements of the Plenum have to be immediately begun to be solved. The Plenum supports the continued maintenance of peaceful protests in all cities of B&H, and gives support to all new Plenums. The Plenum demands that the Tuzla Canton Assembly meets the following demands within 72 hours:

-Revoke and suspend payment of the so-called ‘’white bread’’, which is the payment of salaries that the Prime Minister and ministers would get after their dismissal from office.

-Abolish the additional payments of government representatives of Tuzla Canton on the basis of participation in commissions, committees and other bodies, as well as other unreasonable and unjustified compensation.

-Start a daily session, without reimbursement to deputies, until the elections and appointment an expert government, in cooperation with the Plenum, and which is made up of professional, nonparty and uncompromised members. If the Assembly of Tuzla Canton does not meet the demands within the deadline, the Plenum announces the organization of protests in front of the Tuzla Canton Assembly.

So far, 12 working groups have been established on thematic departments and one working group for cooperation with all workers. The Plenum calls on all citizens to be actively included in the work of these groups and thus actively participate in creating demands that the future expert nonparty and ethically uncompromised government will be required to implement.


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