New appointment system for nonimmigrant visa at the Embassy of the USA

The U.S. Embassy Sarajevo is transitioning to a new appointment service for non-immigrant visa applicants. Starting December 27, 2012, applicants will schedule their non-immigrant visa appointments online or through new call centre. For updated information please see http://sarajevo.usembassy.gov/visas.html. Applicants will not be able to schedule an interview through this new system until December 27, 2012.

All services related to the requirements for all types of non-immigrant visas (i.e., tourist and business), including scheduling and collection of the passport with the visa approved, will be covered by the single “visa fee” without additional fees or charges for services related to the application for a visa .
After December 26, ”PIN” to make an appointment for a visa interview will no longer be needed. Starting with December 27, 2012, a new system will enable to make an appointment without any extra fees.
Also, there will be a new option to pay the visa fee with credit card or via the internet or by phone. Applicants who still want to pay in cash will still have the possibility to pay the fee via Raiffeisen Bank in BiH.
Applicants for visas will be able to pick up their passports with visa at one of DHL locations, so there will be no need to come to the U.S. Embassy.DHL offices will offer the applicants greater flexibility in terms of time when they can pick up the passport.
No extra fees are needed for the delivery of passport with approved visa. Visa fee has not changed in any embassy of the USA in the world and neither did in BiH. Before, the applicants had to pay extra fees for scheduling and delivery of the passport.

List of visa fees can be found at http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1263.html#temp.

The Embassy of the USA welcomes all citizens of BiH to travel to the USA.

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