Network of Non-governmental Organizations claim there are Cancerogenous Substances in Water in Mostar

The network of non-governmental organizations from Mostar “Our Society” warned the citizens of Mostar that the deadly poisonous “pyralenus” was found in the sludge in newly constructed sewage treatment plants.

Activists and organization said the city authorities did not know what to do with the cancerous material and then they hide it from the public.

“We have received information that there are a lot of sludge in the southern part of the city where there are numerous poisons which are very cancerous and causes genetic mutations. Information about the existence of these poisons has passed to all the institutions that had to do something, and nobody did anything, “said Marin Bago from the” Our Society “Network.

That sludge, claims Bago, is deposited by any procedure, and nobody knows how much it is already circulating through the sewerage.

He added that some of the workers in the refiners complained about health problems, and even some of them even quit their jobs.

The “Our Society” network said that all this is hidden from the citizens and demanded the irrevocable resignation of the mayor of Mostar, as well as the management of the Waterworks and the management of the purification plant.

They called on more levels of government, as well as inspection services to get involved urgently in resolving the problem.

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