Nermin Muzur is elected Mayor of Ilidza

Nermin Muzur, the candidate of the “Four” of the Narod i Pravda (NiP), Nasa Stranka (NS) and Socijaldemikratska Partija (SDP) in the November local elections, received 18,345 votes, thus being elected mayor of Ilidza.

The municipality of Ilidza has 65,601 registered voters, who elected their mayor and the Municipal Council at 95 polling stations. Of the five candidates, Muzur won the largest number of votes and will hold the position of mayor for the next four years, the Municipality of Ilidza stated in the press release.

The Municipal Council of Ilidza will consist of SDA and NiP with 11 councilors each, SDP BiH – three, Our Party – two, NBL – one, Platform for progress – two.

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