Nermin Muzur declared Victory as Mayor of Ilidza Municipality

The candidate of the ”Four”, Nermin Muzur, declared victory for the mayor of Ilidza municipality.

As he said, he received the greatest support as a candidate for mayor in the history of Ilidza.

“After all the polling stations have been counted, we can announce that the candidate of the Four won convincingly,” he said.

He thanked for the great support of the citizens despite the coronavirus pandemic. He claims that this is the biggest support for one candidate for mayor of Ilidza, Klix.ba writes.

“We have a difficult period ahead of us, and that is to prove that we are really different,” he underlined.

As he said, this is the best team of the Four and that they had the most efficient cooperation in relation to other municipalities in the Sarajevo Canton.

“No one has reason to be sad,” he said, adding that he would be the mayor of all citizens.

According to him, he will try to be even better towards those who did not vote for him in order to support him in the next elections. He announced good cooperation with neighboring local communities in Ilidza.

He listed the businessmen as the first partners and called the campaign of the Four – People and Justice (NiP), the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Nasa stranka (NS) and the Independent List of Bosnia and Herzegovina (NBL) “the best” in the history of Ilidza.

(Photo: ladiesin)

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