Neretva Rafting: Adventure told in the Language of Nature

June 25, 2015 10:45 AM


This summer, one of the most attractive BH destinations for all extreme sports lovers is the canyon of the Neretva River, which during past years became recognizable for the Neretva rafting and the Džajića Buk beach, which are being spoken about even outside of B&H, thanks to its owner Kasim Džajić.

Besides the classic rafting offer, the visit to the Tito’s bunker in Konjic and the Road of tobacco smuggling is also offered within the Neretva rafting experience.

In the summer period, the rafting on this river lasts for about 3.5 hours and during that time you can enjoy the 18-kilometer-long descent, while in the winter period you can take advantage of the unique opportunity and enjoy the beauty of this area in a shortened 7-kilometer-long descent.

The upper flow from Glavatičevo to Bjelimići represents a kind of air spa, which is visited by many throughout the year. Numerous catering facilities, as well as Dependence, are located on the Neretva River. Lađanica, with ten beds and natural fish farming, provides the possibility of relaxation in a natural ambience. In the lower course of the Neretva River, where the rafting ends in the village of Džajići, four kilometers from Konjic, there is a beautiful beach.

As the most important point of rafting is safety, Džajić explained that they have hired experienced and licensed (IRF) skippers, secured travel insurance and complete water equipment.

For all the lovers of nature who wish to enjoy the magic of nature, accommodation is provided at the Džajića Buk, which can accommodate 50 people, and an additional 150 people at the Boračko Lake Camp.

Džajić says that the season is in full swing. New reservations are made every day. Guests are arriving from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, and some from the Arab world.



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