“Nektar black currant” is the unique product of the Banja Luka brewery

December 15, 2012 10:37 AM

First bottles of ” Nektar black currant”, the first product of this kind in Europe, were produced in the Banja Luka brewery. From the Banja Luka brewery they say it is a porter beer combined with black currants juice. ” Together with our customers we want to celebrate this year with new products, so we produced ” Nektar black currant” This product is a unique one on our and European market” said Nikoas Peni the director of the Banja Luka brewery. ”Nektar black currant” is a product that consists of 60% of juice and 40% of porter beer and 2% of alcohol. ” The perfect combination will create a real winter fantasy. We spent several months trying to find the best version of this beer, and we wanted it to be appropriate for this region” – said Radovan Rakić, the director of production of the Banja Luka brewary. “Nektarblack currant“ has officially joined the family of other products such as ” Nektar lemon” and ” Nektar grapefruit”.

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