Nebojsa Stanojevic from Tuzla to send a Robot to the Moon

February 1, 2017 11:45 AM

synergy moonThe news that the team “Synergy Moon,” which is led by Nebojsa Stanojevic from Tuzla, enrolled among the five finalists of world competition Google Lunar XPrize, which is organized by XPrize Foundation and Google, and this success echoed in our country as well as in the region, especially in Croatia.

“Synergy Moon” besides Bosnians and Croatians includes about 200 people from 15 other countries, it is the only team of international character and will fight against teams of Israel, Japan, the USA, and India. In the mission on the Moon, they will use a robot, symbolically named Tesla, and the launch will be done on the 1st of December on the open water of the Pacific Ocean, west of the California coast.

“It’s great to watch your dream realized. I have worked on this project for a long time, but when you are watching the image you’ve created in your head going live, it is a special moment. There are special emotions when you tell yourself – look, this is possible! I never expected that we will be among five finalists until recently when I figured out how to get there among them,” said Stanojevic.

Being in the company of the most brilliant minds of the world is a great honor, as well as the wind in the back, which helps Nebojsa’s team to fulfill a key point in the competition and find financiers because there was no one to stand behind them.

“Other teams have huge budgets and unimaginable source of money. The Israeli team received 18 million USD from just one of the local employer. Behind all teams are their states, and no one was behind us Bosnians, so I turned to the tactic number two. I compiled Malaysia, Brazil, the United States, Croatia, Bosnia, Australia, South Africa, all that’s left. You team up and there are no problems. A lot of effort, knowledge, positive atmosphere and the people are the keys to success, I have proof of this,” stated Stanojevic.

“We are planning to provide assistance through various projects. The principle is simple! This year all the world’s media will be focused on these five teams from the competition Google Lunar XPrize, including my team. Everything we do will be promoted. While the lights on the stage are facing us, it is an opportunity to showcase talents, from BiH and Croatia. Another way I developed through cooperation with great experts that I met through this project, which can be mentors and help, especially to students. The third is that a lot of people can go to any of the companies that are part of our team, to do an internship or paid internship. And through cooperation, with also successful Bosnian, Edhem Eddie Custovic from Tuzla, we realize it. Where education failed, we will try to change, but very often elementary schools donate small robotics to children from an early age to meet with advanced technology. We will have plenty of competitions, and the photo of winners will go to the moon, along with the robot Tesla, which will bring additional attention. There, those are some ways,” stated Stanojevic.




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