NBA star Jusuf Nurkic bought a House for a Family in Need

NBA star Jusuf Nurkic has once again shown that he is a great humanitarian. Namely, as the organization Pomozi.ba reports, seeing the sad story of the Memisevic family, this NBA player bought them a house.

”Ten years ago, mother Jasmina stepped on a mine and lost her leg, and she takes care of her eleven-year-old son Adin, who has a heart disease, every day. Father Edvin works for a living to provide at least food. The family lived in a dilapidated house, without water, a bathroom and most of the furniture. They slept on the floor,” according to Pomozi.ba.

After learning about this family, Nurkic contacted this humanitarian organization with the desire to buy them a house. – Everything happened very quickly and the family received the keys to their new home at the beginning of this week.

”Jusuf is a friend of this organization, and he is a person who helps more secretly than publicly, but from time to time we manage to persuade him to publish some of his good deeds, primarily to encourage others to do good, each depending on their capabilities,” they stated from this organization.

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