What has NATO said regarding the BiH’s Integration?

September 1, 2017 5:00 PM

Regarding the registering of military property, NATO said that they are willing and ready to offer support to the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in all areas in which that support is needed.

“We’re closely working with various institutions regarding the registering of property. Our BiH partners know what is necessary and we’re helping them realize that. Of course, we’re aware of the challenges which this operative surrounding has and we’re prepared to support the government of BiH in solving issues which arise,” they said.

Asked about the position of politicians from the Republika Srpska, the smaller of the two entities, that BiH should be a militarily neutral country, they said that they’re aware of various positions in BiH regarding this question.

“NATO will continue cooperating with the BiH institutions regarding its euroatlantic integrations, as well as a long-term foreign policy goal of BiH,” they concluded.

The decision of the Constitutional Court of BiH, military property is to be registered on the state brought to the forefront of public debate the course of our country towards NATO, which demonstrated a high degree of internal disagreement regarding euroatlantic integrations.

The leaders of SNSD, DNS and SP, that is the ruling coalition in RS, decided to have the National Assembly of RS discuss the question of suspending a previously adopted declaration regarding the Euro-Atlantic path of BiH and to vote on decisions regarding the status of military neutrality of BiH, similar to that of Serbia.

(Source: Klix.ba)



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