The National Museum of BiH is recording a large Number of Visits

August 23, 2017 8:30 AM

An increasing number of tourists in Sarajevo during the summer is also reflected on the number of visits to the National Museum of BiH, which is significantly higher this season than in the previous years, as confirmed by the director of this museum, Mirsad Sijaric.

Most of them are foreign tourists, mostly from Arab countries, and what attracts them the most to the National Museum of BiH is the Botanical Garden and the Ethnologic Department, while the Department of Natural Sciences is the most interesting for the youngest visitors from all countries.

“We have about 200 visitors on a daily basis, which is a significant change for the summer in comparison to the previous years when fewer visits were recorded,” stated Sijaric.

One of the most complex projects of the Museum, whose realization is taking place at the moment, is the reconstruction of the part of the building for archeology where is located the Department of Prehistory, with the pre-war most important exhibition of the National Museum – the largest permanent establishment in BiH that contains around 70,000 items.

At the same time, they are preparing artifacts for the exhibition, which is realized from the resources of the museum.

“We started this project as one of the biggest priorities of the National Museum of BiH. There is a team from abroad engaged as well, which is helping us in this process since we need to process about 70,000 items. There is a lot of problems because it is a demanding project that has not been done since 1992, and no one saw this material since then. Renovation of the premises and purchase of new showcases, lighting and numerous other segments is needed,” he stated.

The Director of the National Museum of BiH is hoping that concrete results will be visible in the period of six months to a year.



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