National Geographic Included Sarajevo as One of the Must See Destinations in 2014

IMG_9127_5_6_tonemapped-3The American Magazine National Geographic included the capital city of B&H, Sarajevo, as one of the must-see destinations for 2014. This magazine called Sarajevo the Balkan urban phoenix.

Journalist Alex Crevar wrote his impressions about Sarajevo for National Geographic: The so-called “most dangerous city in the world” during the war in the 1990’s, Sarajevo is currently one of the safest capitals in Europe. The visitors, who are no longer post-war curios visitors- they walk on the streets of this historical place where Muslims, Jews and Christians pray. Sarajevo Film Festival is held every summer. Tourists and locals enjoy hiking on the mountains in the Dinaric surroundings. The revival of Sarajevo is maybe best symbolized by the long-awaited reconstruction of Vijećnica (national library). This library was destroyed in 1992 along with 2 million books. The official opening of the library will take place during the marking of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

National Geographic offers a few tips for visiting Sarajevo.

When to visit Sarajevo: Spring, summer and fall (from April until October). July is the hottest month and the average temperature is around 21 degrees. Skiing is possible on Jahorina, which was one the winter Olympic mountains in 1984.

How to navigate: Public transport (trams, trolleybuses and buses), taxi and walking are the best ways to get around in the city. Buses and trains link Sarajevo to other towns in B&H. There are buses from Sarajevo to Jahorina during the ski season.

Where to stay: Hotel Bristol, which is a luxury hotel of 12 floors and 186 rooms and is only five minutes by taxi or public transport from the old town. Also, the hotel has an indoor pool, free underground parking and mini-fridge with free drinks in the rooms. The hotel Michele is less luxurious but more charming, and has 6 rooms and two guest cabins decorated with old furniture.

Where to eat and drink: the most accessible food in Sarajevo streets is pita (pie). The various types of names for pita depends on what it is stuffed with. Thus, on the menu there is burek ( pie with meat and onions), krompiruša (potato pie) and zeljanica (spinach pie).

What to buy: Kazandžiluk is one of the oldest crafts in Sarajevo and dates from 1489. You can buy coffee dishes made of cooper, plates and glasses on the street with the same name Kazandžiluk.

Cultural advice: drinking coffee in Sarajevo is not just passing by. You ask for coffee in places where Bosnian coffee is served in a cooper pot, called a džezva, with Turkish sweet rahat lokum. Then, you relax and enjoy but do not forget to ask the waiter how to properly mix the coffee and how to insert a cube of sugar.

(Source: Fena)

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