National Football team of BiH occupeis 29th Place

April 6, 2017 6:30 PM

Bosnian football teamThe football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina occupies 29th place in a new ranking of the International Football Federation (FIFA). Compared to last month’s, team did not record any shift and curretly has 826 points.

After 7 years, the national Team of Brazil is on the first place. Namely, Brazilians have replace the biggest rivals Argentina, while the third position is taken by the national team of Germany.

Belgium occupies the seventh place and is the best ranked opponent of Bosnia and Herzegovina in qualifying for the World Cup, while the selection of Greece, which will meet with BiH in June, is at the 39th place, which is seven positions better than last month.

New list will be published by FIFA on 4th  May.

1. (2) Brazil 1661
2. (1) Argentina 1603
3. (3) Germany 1464
4. (4) Chile 1403
5. (7) Columbia 1348
6. (6) France 1294
7. (5) Belgium 1281
8. (8) Portugal 1259
9. (11) Switzerland 1212
10. (10) Spain 1204…
29. (29) Bosnia and Herzegovina 826

(Source: klix)


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