The Mystery of a Rug kept by the National Museum got Scientist from Italy interested

February 3, 2018 8:00 AM

Italian scientist and researcher Alberto Boralevi read about the Safavid carpet from the 17th century, which is kept in the National Museum of BiH from the end of the 19th century, in encyclopaedias during his entire scientific life.

“The rug was known in the scientific circles because A.U. Pope published it in his famous work “Survey of Persian Art” about 80 years ago, which is a certain kind of encyclopaedia of Iranian art. However, since it was not exposed and in a poor condition, no one has seen him for years, and some individuals were suspicious whether it is still in the National Museum of BiH.

A year ago, a researcher from Sarajevo Ph.D. Fatima Zutic, who is preparing a dissertation on rugs and came in contact with me because of that, indicated that not only that the rug still exists, but that the National Museum of BiH is planning to exhibit it within the exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary of its foundation. I noted that I would like to come to see it, and then came the invitation about a month ago to come to Sarajevo for the inauguration of the exhibition, with the support of the Embassy of Italy in BiH, and to give two lectures on the topic of rugs at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo on that occasion,” said Boralevi.

Boralevi noted that the research work of the assistant professor Haris Dervisevic from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo confirmed its historical importance, and that the rug is decorated with numerous inscriptions that confirm the date of its creation – 1656 AD according to Pope, but 1047 AH (1637/38) according to Dervisevic.

Boralevi noted that this rug represents a real calling for many scientists and fans of rugs all around the world, although Sarajevo is a city that can attract numerous tourists and art lovers.

“Practically, its existence itself was questionable due to all war events, and therefore, the fact that it can be seen now is extremely important. I believe that scientists and researchers, but also other people and fans of rugs, will talk a lot about it after the opening of the exhibition,” said Italian scientist and researcher Alberto Boralevi.

Fragments of the rug from the 17th century that originate from Mahan, the Southeast Persia, will be exhibited and all interested citizens will be able to see them on the thematic exhibition on the occasion of 130 years since the foundation of the National Museum of BiH, and Professor Boralevi will give his lecture on that occasion as well.




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