‘My Address Srebrenica’ claims Persons without Valid Documents voted in Srebrenica

The joint list “My Address: Srebrenica” filed a complaint to the Central Election Commission of BiH and requested that an investigation be launched into persons who voted in Srebrenica without valid documents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as against persons who, as members of polling committees, allowed this gross violation of the BiH Election Law.

“We have information that at least 1,400 people who were on the voter register in Srebrenica, a month ago did not have any valid BiH document – an ID card, driver’s license or a passport, said the coalition in the statement.

By inspecting the voter register and monitoring the turnout at the elections, especially at the polling stations in Skelani, they determined the turnout of dozens of persons who did not have valid documents.

“Checks are easy to do, let the CEC and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH take the voter register, and check who signed it. Then let them take the same information with the Ministry of the Interior about valid documents and make sure who voted without having valid documents on the election day. It is enough to have 20 names with this kind of fraud, and there are even more, to question the legality and integrity of the election process,” stressed the initiative “My address: Srebrenica”.

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