Muslim Charity Organization Merhamet donated Aid Packages to Christians for Easter


The Muslim charity organization “Merhamet” has distributed 300 food packages to socially disadvantaged families in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Travnik, Mostar, Maglaj and Gorazde on Catholic Easter, the organization stated in the press release. Like every year, the packages were provided by Merhamet Germany.

The “Merhamet” Regional Board of Sarajevo distributed goods to, among others, Catholic families in the Parish of St. Leopold Mandic in the settlement of Brijesce. Pastor Joseph Weidner, who was given packages for Catholic families, thanked for the kind gesture and stressed that Merhamet had confirmed that he was helping everyone who needed help, regardless of religion and nation.

“Thanks to the goodness of Merhamet, today we will rejoice in the families in our parish community who are in dire need,” Weidner said.The director of the Merhamet Sarajevo Regional Board, Munib Bujak, expressed his pleasure that Merhamet rejoiced the fellow Catholics on their biggest holiday.

On the occasion of Easter, the packages of Merhamet’s regional committees in Tuzla, Travnik, Mostar Maglaj and Gorazde also distributed packages to the socially disadvantaged fellow Catholics.



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