Musemić: A Strange Game, Strange Goals

musemić 1The coach  Husref Musemić for the official website of the club gave a brief comment after the lost of Sarajevo football team in the first match of the second qualifying round of the Champions League in Tirana vs Kukesi.  The game ended 3-2 in favor for Albanians, and Musemić called as strange the goals scored, adding that this can happen in sports, and in football.

“What pleases me is the information that Tadejević and Suljić probably have the right to participate in the second match, because after three cartons they can lose the right to participate“, added the strategist of the team.

Musemić points out that this is still a favorable result.

“I hope that in Koševo we will win, with the support of our fans, to which we owe since they came all the way here to cheer for us“, said the coach of Sarajevo.


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