Mural dedicated to War Criminal Ratko Mladic in Bosanska Gradiska

Bosanska Gradiska has found its place in the world media because of a mural dedicated to the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant a few days ago, and now a mural has been made in that city for a war criminal, Ratko Mladić, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

A photo of several young men standing proudly in front of the mural of war criminal Ratko Mladic was posted on his Facebook profile by a journalist from Banja Luka, Dragan Bursac.

“Did you know that this is the latest mural in Bosanska Gradiska? Did you know that Bosanska Gradiška is no longer even called that? Did you know that ethnic cleansing has been legalized for a long time? Did you know that war criminals are the biggest heroes in Republika Srpska entity? Did you know it pays to be a criminal? Did you know that BiH, as a country on whose territory and over whose people the genocide was committed, does NOT have a Law on the Prohibition of Genocide Denial? Did you know that generations of children have been raised for decades in hatred, exclusivity, xenophobia, fascism and nationalism? Did you know that we all participate in this – some with silence, some with spray paint, paint and mural, and some with a parliamentary salary of over 5K BAM? Did you know that the greatest success of these elderly children (but not only these) will be if they manage to escape from the country for wages to the West? Are you aware of where we live ??? “

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