Municipality Centar allocated 65,000 BAM for Purchase of Medicines for Retirees

April 19, 2017 6:15 PM

Pensions radiosarajevo.baThe Municipality Centar has allocated 65,000 BAM for the help to retirees for the purchase of medicines. The Municipality Centar Sarajevo is continuously allocating funds in order to help older persons for years, especially those who are not able to purchase the basic necessities for life with their minimal pensions, including medicines.

Between 800 and 900 pensioners are covered annually with this type of municipal aid per year. Having in mind that from 12,000 pensioners from the area of the Municipality Centar, around 6000 of them have a minimum pension in the amount of 326 BAM a month, the Municipality of Centar allocated 65,000 BAM from the budget for 2017 to subsidize procurement of medicines for retirees that are not on the essential list, which is more than the previous year when they allocated 45,000 BAM for that purpose.

According to the provisions of the adopted ordinance, the right to one-time financial assistance for the purchase of medicines can use all pensioners from the Municipality Centar or have a residence on the basis of the status of displaced persons and refugees in the Municipality of Centar. So retirees whose pensions amount to 450 BAM can receive a one-time financial assistance for up to 4 months of treatment, while those whose pensions amount to 700 BAM can get a one-time financial assistance for a period of 3 months of treatment. Retirees with pensions of up to 1,000 BAM can get assistance for a period of 2 months of treatments, and those with pensions over 1,000 BAM can get financial assistance for one month of treatment.



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