For how much will Bosmal building be sold?

May 10, 2017 3:15 PM

bosmal sarajevoThe Sarajevo Municipal Court scheduled the first public sale of apartments, garages and business premises in the largest residential-business complex in Sarajevo, in the Bosmal building.

The first sale is scheduled for May 17, starting at 11:00 o’clock, and will be held in the Sarajevo Municipal Court building in Senoina Street number 1.

The previously mentioned sale was scheduled at the request of Unicredit bank Mostar, in the case against Bosmal.

A total of 231 apartments, 371 garages and 46 business offices were offered for the price of 83.4 million BAM.

At the first hearing, the real-estate cannot be sold below the set value of ½.

Participants of the public bidding are obliged to deposit insurance in the amount of 10.000 BAM before the commencement of the hearing. The best bidder is obliged to lodge the court with the bid price within 15 days of the sale.

(Source: BiznisInfo)


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