How much Percent of BH Trade is done with Germany and Austria?

August 29, 2017 4:45 PM

In total, 17% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) trade is with Germany and Austria and there are realistic opportunities for its increase and development of cooperation between companies, Elma Kovacevic – Bajtal, the director of the Sector for Education of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, said today.

In the premises of the Foreign Trade Chamber, a two-day workshop on the topic of “Acquisition and Making First Contact with Buyers in Germany and Austria” began, the goal of which is to better the competencies of BiH companies. Present are representatives of many firms in various branches – metal (automobile), construction, food, etc.

“Our companies should use their own knowledge and experiences and they need to be encouraged in this. Cooperation on those markets can be advanced through acquisitions, which is acquiring new contracts and is a part of the commercial function of companies,” Kovacevic – Bajtal added.

To that end, knowledge of how to research a market, establish contacts, how to make an attractive offer through e-mail and how to communicate in general are necessary. Our companies know that, Kovacevic – Bajtal emphasized but they still need to expand their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the newest trends.

“Through seminars, we want to find a way between German experts and out companies to place our products on foreign markets. It’s important to find the right way how to establish communication and foster those relations,” Bajtal added.

The lecturer Alexander Maridian said that the participants are representatives of companies that want to expand their business into Austria or Germany or are already present there.

Opening an office in Germany or Austria is one way to create a contact with companies in these countries. E-mails are also a good way to reach customers, a method that BiH companies should employ.

“This workshop deals with the most basic communication, that by e-mail, that is the ways to preset oneself to German and Austrian companies, since that’s the fastest and cheapest way,” Merdian said.




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