How much Money was collected on the Donor Dinner?

May 27, 2017 4:45 PM

christmas-tree-in-parents-houseIn Holiday Hotel in the Bosnia ab Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo, a donor dinner was held for the “Heart for Children who have cancer” dinner, whose goal was to collect funds for the safe work of the Parents’ House.

In the presence a large number of famous persons who have turned the attention on this extremely important event, money was collected through phone calls and auctions of valuable artworks.

When it comes to phone calls, more than 14,000 telephone calls were received and what is very interesting is that the most of the calls were made by the pensioners.

According to data given by the organizers-Hayat TV, total of 260,000 convertible marks (BAM) was collected at the auction. This number definitely exceeded expectations, ie the target of about 100,000 convertible marks.

(Source: klix)




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