How much Money BH Parliamentarians earn in One Mandate?

April 8, 2017 12:15 PM

Diaspora Money magazin.baA total of 57 representatives and delegates in Parliament spent almost 3 million 450 thousand BAM in the past year only for salaries, hot meals, transport, compensation for separate lives etc. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and ten ministers received over 600,000 BAM for the same in 2016. All of that from the budget, according to data of CCI.

“An average representative at the level of BiH in Parliament in four years of mandate takes a minimum of 200,000 BAM only on the basis of the basic salary. However, that is not enough for most of them, so they also have compensations for separate lives, office phones… Some of them in higher positions have extensive discretionary budgets,” revealed Adis Arapovic, CCI.

Only members of the Collegium have the right on monthly costs of 1,000 BAM for the phone. It is impossible to calculate who has the right on cars, whose prices are ridiculous. However, their wishes violate their own provisions. Instead of the planned 60,000 BAM, representative Borjana Kristo purchased Audi that cost 120,000 BAM. For white bread, before the law was changed, representatives whose mandate expired were taking between 40 and 50,000 BAM for a year from the state. Individually.

“We also managed to reduce or abolish compensation for work in commissions during working hours where people are already paid. I’m afraid that federal and cantonal level are not following us,” said Fahrudin Radoncic, a delegate in the House of Peoples.

Incomes of 83 representatives in the National Assembly of the RS is high as well. Basic income for the last year amounted to about 3 million BAM. The amount for the prime minister and 16 ministers was around 610,000 BAM. There is also severance pays that range between 25 and 30,000 BAM, which some deputies take, go shortly in retirement, and then return to work. Like Dusanka Majkic.

Moreover, all parliamentarians, at all levels of government, are taking monthly lump sums, which amount to around 800 BAM. The purpose of the lump sums, for example, is the purchase of daily press, computer equipment, suits, and other disposable items. However, a large number of parliamentarians use this money to pay for various loans.

Thus politicians in one, and especially two mandates, manage to buy apartments, villas, lands and empty state cashbox, which is then filled with average salaries of citizens that amount to 800 BAM.

(Source: N1)


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