Mountain Rescue Service Bihac saved Six Migrants

Members of the Mountain Rescue Service of Bihac stations saved six migrants from the snow on Pljesevica Mountain without injuries yesterday.

They were then handed over to the team of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), who took further care of them.

The Mountain Service first received a report that six migrants had been swept away and that they could not move on in the wider locality of Prsina Uvala on Pljesevica.

However, due to high snow, but also fallen trees across the road, they had to return for snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. At around 2.30 pm, they reached the location of Prsina Uvala, where they found two women and four men who were without injuries, but frozen.

The Mountain Service organized the return in two groups with an SUV and a sled and was assisted by a border police patrol.

At around 3.45 pm in the settlement of Zavelja, in the presence of the patrol of Border Crossing Izacic, the migrants were handed over to the IOM team, which further took care of them.

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