Mostar Elections: 4,000 Fever Voters on the Voter Lists

( Željko Milićević – Anadolu Agency )

The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections “Under the Magnifying Glass” noted that at 142 polling stations in the local elections in Mostar, there were about 4,000 fewer voters than there were on the central electoral roll.

According to current information, there is a difference in the number of voters from the central electoral roll and the real situation on the ground.

“The number of voters is lower by about 4,000 compared to the list of the Central Election Commission. These are 142 out of a total of 150 polling stations where the difference was noticed,” said the director of the Coalition “Under the Magnifying Glass” Dario Jovanovic at the press conference.

He pointed out that this is not an incident situation but something that is ubiquitous and that after checking more information will be available to the public during the day.

Jovanovic denied that the situation had anything to do with the HDZ BiH lawsuit related to the voter lists. “We have been informed through the media about the criminal report of the HDZ and it refers to the difference in the number of voters between July 27 and November 5, ie 45 days before election day,” Jovanovic said.

He added that the election process in Mostar at most polling stations began in accordance with the BiH Election Law, accompanying rules and procedures. “We point out mistakes, omissions and work on them in order to eliminate them,” Jovanovic concluded at the press conference.

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